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5 Must-See Places in Saigon Most Travelers Miss

Most traveler's limit their itineraries to the popular ones such as Ben Thanh Market, The Notre Dame Cathedral, Post Office, War Remnants Museum, etc. Here is a compilation of five must-see places in Saigon travel brochures often don't mention, that visitors easily miss.

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A Complete Guide to Valentine’s Day in Da Nang

Although it’s not busy like Saigon and not ancient like Hanoi, Da Nang is an ideal destination for your Valentine’s date. Let’s find out what we can do in this city on this special occasion!

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All the Festivals of Nha Trang: Experience Local Cultures

Many festivals come and go from year to year, but these four remain: Po Nagar Tower Festival, Whale Festival, Salanganes Nests Festival, and Sea Festival. These festivals are not only occasions to celebrate and have fun, but also chances for people to express their gratitude towards...well, let’s find out!

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Ho Thuy Tien Water Park: History and More

Ancient citadels with UNESCO recognition, marvelous emperors’ palaces, beautiful beaches and lakes - these are some wonderful attractions that Hue has to offer tourists. But have you ever wondered what else you can put on this list to spice things up? Maybe … an abandoned waterpark?

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Impressive Accommodations in Ha Long Bay

A wonderful stay in a new land should accompany an unforgettable journey. Ha Long Bay will be one of these remarkable memories and I have discovered the best places to stay in this heavenly landscape.

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seafood in vietnam

​How-To Guide: Sea Snails (Oc) In Saigon

Sea snails are surprisingly popular in the big city of Saigon. If you are not from Vietnam or surrounding Southeast Asian countries, this might be your first chance to try them!

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