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Khem Beach

The most beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island offers several beautiful beaches. As the weather is always hot in the south of Vietnam in general and on the island of Phu Quoc in particular, it is a good condition for a holiday. Moreover, it is one of the few places that face to the west, …

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Jade Phong Nha Hotel

Best #6 Hotels in Phong Nha Ke Bang

If you want to visit the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park or the largest cave in Vietnam – Hang Son Doong, it’s easy to find a comfortable hotel or a youth hostel in the center of the park. The hotels and hostels offer all the services: bike and motorcycle …

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Phở Sướng Phố Cổ - Address for delicious beef pho

Best Pho in Hanoi | Pho Restaurants in Hanoi – Vietnam

Hanoians often have Pho for breakfast. Pho is such a delighting dish, a balance combination of complicated aromas and ingredients. It can easily be found everywhere in Hanoi, but to get the authentic taste of traditional Pho, you should consider following restaurants – The best pho in Hanoi. Best Pho in Hanoi – …

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Tour Phong Nha

Travel guide: Quang Binh, Vietnam – The land of wonders

Quang Binh is one of the best places to explore Vietnam’s famous natural wonders. This place continuously breaks world records for the most beautiful caves and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. It’s time to treat yourself to a memorable trip to a city surrounded by …

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The Stone Church

The Stone Church in Tam Dao

Tam Dao is a famous tourist town located approximately 80km from Hanoi, at an altitude of 900m above sea level. It has three mountain peaks rising amidst a vast expanse of clouds, including Thien Thi, Thach Bang, and Phu Nghia. This is why the town was named Tam Dao. The …

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season is beautiful in Tam Dao

Travel guide: Tam Dao – An ideal destination in the North

Tam Dao (Tam Đảo), a small mountainous town of Vinh Phu province, is favored by many young locals. At 1000m (3000ft) high, Tam Dao has a cool weather throughout the year like Da Lat and Sapa. In addition, the 70km (44miles) from Hanoi has made it an attractive place for Hanoi people on weekends and …

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My Tho City

Best things to do & see in Tien Giang

Tien Giang and some other provinces in Mekong Delta are famous for their large fruit farms or you can just call them gardens, floating markets and beautiful nature. When traveling  to Tien Giang, you should also visit Ben Tre as these provinces are very close together. Ben Tre is known as the coconut kingdom in Vietnam …

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cross the streets in Vietnam

How to cross the streets in Vietnam? Easier than you think!

I have lived in Sai Gon from 1990 and i still remember the first days in Sai Gon, when crossing a street was my bigest nightmare. I used to stand on sidewalk very long to watch before stepping down the road. Transportation in Saigon, it was really a big challenge because …

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Bai Nom

Travel guide: Binh Ba Island – Cam Ranh Bay

Binh Ba island (Đảo Bình Ba) is a beautiful island not far from mainland, about 20 km (13 miles), located in Cam Ranh bay, Cam Binh ward – Cam Ranh city – Khanh Hoa province (60 km or 39 miles from Nha Trang and 15km or 10 miles from Cam Ranh airport). The island …

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Riding elephant in Don village

Travel guide: Buon Ma Thuot – the “coffee capital” of Vietnam

Buon Ma Thuot (Buôn Ma Thuột) is the heart of Dak Lak (Đắk Lắk) province and Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên) of Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot was built over 1 century ago, when the French people were still in Vietnam and built the ruling fortress in this area. Before becoming a city, this land was a very big village with …

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Mia Resort Nha Trang

Top 9 Best Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Nha Trang Vietnam

Coming to Nha Trang – the beach city, visitors will enjoy beautiful bays such as Ninh Van Bay, Van Phong Bay, … Nha Trang is a stunning coastal city in Vietnam that is known for its idyllic beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture. When it comes to experiencing all of …

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A corner of Lahana Resort

Top 9 best hotels at reasonable prices on Phu Quoc Island

Are you looking for an affordable and exciting tropical vacation? Look no further than Phu Quoc Island! This stunning island off the coast of Vietnam is known for its breathtaking beaches, exotic wildlife, and unique culture. Plus, with a wide variety of hotels at reasonable prices, it’s the perfect destination …

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