How to cross the streets in Vietnam? Easier than you think!

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I have lived in Sai Gon from 1990 and i still remember the first days in Sai Gon, when crossing a street was my bigest nightmare. I used to stand on sidewalk very long to watch before stepping down the road.

Transportation in Saigon, it was really a big challenge because there are thousands of vehicles intertwining on a street and look there is no any space for walkers. I had to take a quite long time to learn the crossing street way.

cross the streets in Vietnam
What will you do to cross this street?

Now, i totally understand the anxiety of tourists when crossing in Vietnam and always help when see someone is confusing on the sidewalk.

So, how to cross the streets in Vietnam?

Really, you don’t have to worry about this in small cities, like Hue, Hoi An, Dalat,…, there are quite litte vehicles so the crossing is easy. But in big cities, like Sai Gon, Hanoi, Hai Phong, it’s a big trouble.

There is an easiest way to do this, find someone is free or a police and ask them for help, most of them will help you with the friendly (if they understand what are you wanting).

cross the streets in Vietnam
Asking help from the locals is easiest way to cross the streets in Vietnam

Another easy way, if you see someone is crossing the street, let’s cross with them. Just follow them, they step you step, they stop you stop and everything will be fine. 

If you can’t ask or follow anyone then you must do it yourself, but don’t worry, let’s calm down and do following tips:

– Let’s calm down because things are not scary like you see. Watching and you will see the spaces between vehicles that enough for 1 person, moving slowly to there.

– Put your hand up and wave to drivers see you easily.

– Don’t run and don’t step back, keep moving slowly and slowly.

– Don’t worry about motobikes, they will avoid easily if you move slowly. I’m also a motorbike driver and i know what have to do when see the walkers.

– Never move in font of the buses and big cars, they’re very difficult to avoid you.

cross the streets in Vietnam

cross the streets in Vietnam

cross the streets in Vietnam

Follow these instructions and you will cross safely, and feeling will be very interesting like you just had an adventure travel. Wish you sucess!

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Crossing the streets in Vietnam can be an intimidating experience. There are no traffic lights or signs indicating when to cross, yet the streets are often filled with motorbikes and other vehicles that move very quickly. The key to successfully navigating Vietnam’s streets is to remain alert and observant. It is important to understand the flow of traffic and to watch for patterns. For example, motorbikes tend to move in groups, so it can be helpful to wait for a group to pass before crossing.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to make eye contact with drivers, as they may be more likely to slow down or stop if they know you’re trying to cross. It is also important to be patient and to take your time when crossing. It can be helpful to make small steps and to wait until the flow of traffic has slowed or stopped before attempting to cross.

Finally, it is important to remain mindful of your surroundings and to be aware of your safety. While crossing the streets in Vietnam can be intimidating, with patience and mindfulness, it can be done safely.

Follow these instructions and you will cross safely, and feeling will be very interesting like you just had an adventure travel. Wish you sucess!

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