[Audio] How to Say You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

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In the previous article, you knew How to say thank you in Vietnamese. If someone says thanks to you, and as a courtesy, you want to say “you’re welcome”. So how to say that in Vietnamese?

Say You’re Welcome in Vietnamese

In Vietnamese, “you’re welcome” means “không có gì”:


If you translate word by word, “không có gì” means “it’s nothing, but Vietnamese understand “không có gì” is equivalent to “you’re welcome”.

Advanced “you’re welcome” in Vietnamese

Most Vietnamese conversations depend on age between participants, and this case is also not exception. “Không có gì” is usually used when the person says thanks to you is less, same same your age. But when that person is many years older, you should say – “không có gì đâu ạ”:


“Đâu ạ” has no meaning in Vietnamese, it’s added at last of stences or phrases to express the respect when talking with older people (but don’t use it with any stences, it’s only combined in certain cases).

In Vietnamese culture, comunication has to follow strict rules, depending on age and hierarchy in family. So saying “không có gì” with a many years older person is a disrespect, you have to say “không có gì đâu ạ” instead. But don’t worry, the rule is only strict with Vietnamese. And as a foreigner, you can say the word you like. A foreigner saying our language is a great respect.

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