Top 9 best hotels at reasonable prices on Phu Quoc Island

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Are you looking for an affordable and exciting tropical vacation? Look no further than Phu Quoc Island! This stunning island off the coast of Vietnam is known for its breathtaking beaches, exotic wildlife, and unique culture. Plus, with a wide variety of hotels at reasonable prices, it’s the perfect destination for a budget-friendly getaway. In this article, we’ll discuss the best hotels on Phu Quoc Island, their amenities, and how you can find the best deals. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Zone 1: the best hotels near Dương Đông city and Trường beach (Long Beach)

Lahana resort – 51 €

  • Location: good, 1.6 km from Dương Dong city.
  • What we like: a brand new resort, with beautiful garden, beautiful outdoor pool, spacious rooms that are nicely decorated, varied breakfast, helpful staff, good location: just 20 minutes walk from Duong Dong town and 5- 10 minutes walk to the beach.
  • What we do not like: the road to the beach is not beautiful, a bit far from the beach, the wifi is sometimes slow.
A corner of Lahana Resort
A corner of Lahana Resort

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Cassia cottage – 74 € recommended

  • Location: quite good, 2.4 km from the main town, on Truong Beach (Long Beach).
  • What we like: hotel on the water, beautiful modern and spacious cottages with green and beautiful surroundings, excellent breakfast, free access to the library, 3 swimming pools, staff very smiling and welcoming, perfect for a family stay.
  • What we do not like: the wifi is not always stable.
A room at Cassia Cottage
A room at Cassia Cottage

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Le Forest resort – 41 €

  • Location: quite good, 4 km to Duong Dong town, 10 minutes walk to Truong Beach (Long Beach).
  • What we like: brand new hotel, excellent value for money, very spacious and clean rooms, exceptional pool.
  • What we do not like: a bit far from the beach, the wifi is not stable.
Le Forest Resort
A bungalow at Le Forest Resort

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Zone 2: on the Ông Lang beach, relatively wild

Mango Bay resort – 127 € recommended

  • Location: Ong Lang Beach, 9 km north of Dong Dong city.
  • What we like: Quiet and romantic bungalows, beautiful outdoor bathroom, private beach with hammock and sun loungers, bar and restaurant on the beach, beautiful sunset on the beach, yoga and tai classes chi free face to the sea, quiet and beautiful, friendly staff.
  • What we do not like: ecological establishment so no air conditioning but fans, a bit isolated.
Mango Bay resort
Mango Bay resort with its romantic bungalow

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Ancarine Beach resort – 68 €

  • Location: Ong Lang Beach, 9 km north of Dong Duong town.
  • What we like: very quiet hotel, feet in the water, swimming pool and own private beach, beautiful sunset on the beach, a few nice restaurants nearby, smiling and pleasant staff, good value for money.
  • What we do not like: out of town, restaurant is not very good, some bungalows are a little dark.

Ancarine Beach resort

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Zone 3: on Gành Dầu beach, isolated to the north of the island

Peppercorn Beach Resort – 131 €

  • Location: on Gành Dầu beach, 27km north of Duong Dong town.
  • What we like: small bungalows in a beautiful and quiet area, not yet overexploited by tourism, the beach is clean with clean water, good food, friendly staff, beautiful beach under coconut trees, free shuttle to the city center between 14h and 19h, free kayak and bike.
  • What we do not like: the resort is isolated, uncomfortable beach chairs , no pool.

Peppercorn Beach Resort

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Gold Coast Resort – 80 €

  • Location: on Gành Dầu beach, 28 km north of Dương Đông town.
  • What we like: The resort is located in a wild and not tourist area, far from other resorts, feet in the water, spacious and well-equipped rooms, good bedding, free bike loan, good food in the restaurant, good value for money / price, perfect for a relaxing getaway.
  • What we do not like: some employees do not speak English, far from other attractions and places.

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Zone 4: near the Hàm Ninh fishing village, eastern side of the island

Rocks Beach Boutique – 85 €

  • Location: on a beach in the eastern side of Phú Quốc island, 19 km from Dương Đông town.
  • What we like: a boutique hotel very popular with travelers, 4 bungalows located on the beach, clean and very spacious in a calm and serene, beautiful sea view, nice swimming pool, attentive staff.
  • What we do not like: the road to the hotel is not nice, the hotel may be full very quickly, the beach is not really beautiful.
Rocks Beach Boutique
Rocks Beach Boutique

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Kiki Coconut Beach Resort – € 36

  • Location: on the eastern beach of Phú Quốc island, 20 km from Dương Đông town.
  • What we like: good place to enjoy the sea and nature, far from the crowds, 3 bungalows at the edge of the sea under the palm trees with hammocks and deck chairs, friendly and family atmosphere, the owners are adorable and little care.
  • What we do not like: no air conditioning, isolated hotel, the menu choices are not plentiful.

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It is very easy to find all types of accommodation on Phu Quoc Island, from superb 6-star luxury resorts to youth hostels.

Most hotels and resorts are concentrated around Dương Đông town (where the night market, several bars, restaurants and some marts are located), on Trường beach (Long Beach), and on Ông Lang beach.

Some people do not like the bustle of the city, as well as the Truong beach (Long Beach). They choose a hotel on the beach Ong Lang which is still relatively wild, or on the Gành Dầu beach (north of the island) and that near the Hàm Ninh  fishing village (east of the island).

In the Ông Lang beach area, several restaurants and bars are already open, so travelers should not go to Duong Dong town if they do not like eating at their hotel.

Some hotels and resorts offer shuttle transportation service to Dương Dong town and Phú Quốc airport.

Other things to know about Phu Quoc Island holiday

  • The Sao and Khem beaches are the most beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc Island. At the moment, there are no hotels on Sao Beach. There is only one hotel on Khem Beach which is JW Marriott, a luxury 6-star hotel.
  • Most hotels are on Truong Beach – Long Beach as it is the longest beach in Phu Quoc which stretches over 20km.
  • Most travelers choose a hotel a bit far from the city center – the lively and noisy Dương Đông town while one can find restaurants all over the island and the attractions are scattered. You can rent a scooter or take a taxi to visit different places on the island.
  • Some 3-star hotels and luxury hotels offer free transportation to Phu Quoc Airport.
  • If you travel to Phu Quoc Island by boat, it will land at the Bãi Vòng ferry port, about 20km from the city center and most hotels do not offer free transportation to the port.Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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